Formally known as Wongbrother Designs, Perth Based Industrial Designer has decided to rebrand.

After dedicating four years to his education Jason Koch recently graduated with distinction from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in 3D Design.

Over the years, Jason's belief in design has grown "I believe design should be simple, effective and long lasting. I prefer design that has a purpose. Design should be considerate of the enviroment at all stages of its lifecycle. I like innovative designs, and progressive industries."

Jason's passion is for but not limited to Food Design, Food Product Design and Homewares. His interests are Art and Design, Food and Alcohol, Travel, Technology, Architecture, Photography, Fitness, Film, Fashion and Music.

Strengths include over 20 years experience in hospitality and customer service, with more than 10 years experience in Sales, Marketing and Business.

A professional attitude in all areas with excellence in Leadership, communication, research, planning and process. Project and time management.

Jasons' portfolio demonstrates the following skills; a strong understanding of the fundamental basics of the complete design process and manufacture. A hands on approach in the workshop, after sketching ideas in the form of model making and maquette. Jig and tool making in the workshop to realise manufacture troubleshooting. Design resolution through testing and tooling. Material experimentation and complimentary practices of material combinations. CAD designing, rapid prototyping and 2D drafting. Collaborating and negotiating with third parties for completion of designs and meeting deadlines, for example CNC machining, laser cutting, and metal turning. Further skills developed lead to, sketching, illustration and graphic design layouts including packaging. Wood working and the use of small to large machinery, metal and jewellery smithing techniques, working with ceramics and slip casting, leather making and textile knowledge. Painting and colour matching, including oil and varnish finishes. Studio and product photography. Design exhibitions and design competitions.

"I love getting my hands dirty and being productive in the workshop."