Formally known as Wongbrother Designs, Perth Based Industrial Designer has decided to rebrand.

After dedicating four years to his education Jason Koch graduated with distinction from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts in 3D Design. Following his education Jason spent the next year and a half abroad. In search of opportunity, experience and wordly knowledge in design.

After gaining relevant experience in Holland and Cambodia, Jason is currently working as a Freelance Designer specialising in 3D Modeling and Photo Realistic Rendering.

Over the years, Jason's belief in design has grown "I believe design should be simple, effective and long lasting. I prefer design that has a purpose. Design should be considerate of the enviroment at all stages of its lifecycle. I like innovative designs, and progressive industries."

Jason's passion is for but not limited to Food Design, Food Product Design, Homeware and Furniture Design. His interests are Art and Design, Food and Alcohol, Travel, Technology, Architecture, Photography, Fitness, Film, Fashion and Music.

Strengths include over 20 years experience in hospitality and customer service, with more than 10 years experience in Sales, Marketing and Business.

A professional attitude in all areas with excellence in Leadership, communication, research, planning, process, project and time management.

"I love getting my hands dirty and being productive in the workshop."